In the Car

by August Chaffin

My father asked me if
I’d ever written
any poems about him.

“There’s one about
your black widow bite.” I said,
“it was an allegory.”
I revealed no more.

I was too scared
he’d understand what I’ve been
trying to say for my whole life.
An abstract piece with hatch-marks and blotches of orange in the background.

movement 3

by Sopi

August Chaffin (he/him/his) is a trans poet local to the Twin Cities area. His short stories have won local fiction contests, and his musical compositions have been featured in several Minneapolis stage productions. He is an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie BFA Actor Training Program.

Sopi Criswell makes art because it feels good. They create because it heals because it transforms because it makes sense. Sopi wants you to create, to move through the world in lighter, creative ways. Sopi wishes you all the best always.

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