pink triangles

by Zachary Hodges

the lilac of his touch, 
ever-cream skin glistening 
as we bask in the light 
of a newly dawned era. 
the lives we’ve lived through 
the men of the past, loving 
strangers not safe for the
average lambda lover. 

and the black and white photo 
rolls, the delicacy in their 
hand holds, how heresy becomes
the death of we, men in their 
twenties come nothing 
but ideology. bone in the 
brashness, ashes we thrash 
on a white house lawn. 
becoming nothing, no 
surrender in loving, and of 
it all something drumming 
in the distance as the sky 
greys with indifference. 

ashes from their heads, twenty 
year old men, loving lilacs 
in the cheeks of two newlyweds, 

we are ancient. we are heretics. 
we are cultural descendants 
of the men no God defended. 

we choose to burn and burn 
brighter than the ashes that 
mark them ended.
A surrealism painting in pink and blue where many figures face each other reaching out their hands.

Consacré à lart

by Delta N.A.

Zachary Hodges is a poet and author who lives in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is a sophomore at Purdue University and working towards a BFA in Professional Writing. When he’s not studying or writing, Zack likes to participate in community theatre, travel, activism, video gaming and second-hand fashion. You can follow his journey at @themorningmourner on Instagram, as well as his website at

Paired in art and life, Delta N.A. work simultaneously on each artwork with a shared language that reveals deep meanings and speaks directly to the heart. Timeless stories develop in each artwork, where figures and forms are placed in a subtle and ethereal space halfway between dream and reality and where the soft flow of emotions and intuitions collects the sense of a free and introspective existence. Delta N.A. spent years traveling to discover the world and their identity, and this experience in foreign countries has deeply marked their technical development and their artistic expression that now combines poetry and strength in a constant search for harmony, portraying the infinite dream of a total and exhaustive well-being. The artworks signed by the duo are present in numerous public and private collections and have been exhibited in solo and group shows across Europe, U.S.A. and Asia.

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