Big Rain from a Small Cloud

by Alden Wallace

Against my will and wholly ignorant of it the leaves are falling again. The sky floats by the glass. The grey sea rages under a grey sky dotted with crows sailing home. O to be soaring and knowing all. Made of clay but today feeling like stone—sand pulled back slowly into the rage of its own creation. Holding on. For so many others it all seems so obvious—life is just one great striving against the shadows. The curse of the talented, then: the wheels are always turning. Don’t jump while the train clamors on. Standing with my back to the falling sun I watch them now—the shadows—reaching out to their expiration, drowning in the dark, the light swallowing their source. And everything is exactly as it appears to be. There’s a set of prints in the sand leading out to the sea and not returning. Nothing is really hidden, nor has it ever been. Has it? In inane hours of the night I roam these dark roads and visit low places. Hollow hours, imploding silence. The skull is formed foredoomed then takes on the flesh, a vessel sailing off to a land it will never find. But to be awake when others are not—this at least has always been a great pleasure of mine.
A surrealist paintings with different animals and figures overlapping each other in muted earth tones.

First Sun

by Delta N.A.

Alden Wallace has been published in literary magazines around the world. He is the author Endless Nights, a chapbook of poetry.

Paired in art and life, Delta N.A. work simultaneously on each artwork with a shared language that reveals deep meanings and speaks directly to the heart. Timeless stories develop in each artwork, where figures and forms are placed in a subtle and ethereal space halfway between dream and reality and where the soft flow of emotions and intuitions collects the sense of a free and introspective existence. Delta N.A. spent years traveling to discover the world and their identity, and this experience in foreign countries has deeply marked their technical development and their artistic expression that now combines poetry and strength in a constant search for harmony, portraying the infinite dream of a total and exhaustive well-being. The artworks signed by the duo are present in numerous public and private collections and have been exhibited in solo and group shows across Europe, U.S.A. and Asia.

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