bitter and better are one vowel apart

by Trisha Chen

i tuck myself into a quiet-corner cookie cutter shape of a person,
i ignore the bumps, the creaks, the peaks, the valleys,
i shine a flashlight at my own pupils in the mirror hoping to see into the dark pitfall,
i feel saltwater pushing at my waterline dam.

i push against the tide.
it does not crash as loud as it used to.

i fold the pieces of me into an old tapestry and i tie the dust-lined knot,
i lounge in the light and i do not feel the sun;
my carpet-pressed knees sting when i touch them.
prayers are never answered and i know this now.
An abstract painting in oranges and blues with splashes of red.

Exposed Truth

by Jane Zich

Trisha Chen is an illustrator, painter, writer, and hobbyist keyboard builder born and raised in San Francisco, California. She is currently hurtling toward a BA in English at the University of San Francisco. Check out her Instagram, @trishajchen, for realism portraits and other cool-looking pieces.

Kelsey Erica Tran is an aspiring photographer and poet. Studying photography for two years in high school, she developed a passion for the art and hopes to turn it into a future career. Her first piece “Illuminate” was published in Apricity Magazine.

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