The Pilgrimage of Gaokao

by Huina Zheng TW: mentions of abduction, human trafficking, abortion, rape, sexism? Even though I took Gaokao, the national college entrance examination in China, over a decade ago, I dream that I am taking the exams at least once a year. In the dream, everything is dark and blurry. In a classroom where other examinees… Continue reading The Pilgrimage of Gaokao

Non-Partisan Mirror

By Jeff Hersch Jeff Hersch provides analog collages for the modern being. Like his thoughts, these pieces are often constructed in short, frantic spurts of energy, with bursts of self-doubt, though calm and subtle. Also like his thoughts, these pieces represent everyday observations and conclusions about the vast world that erratically suffocates us, with little… Continue reading Non-Partisan Mirror

Cosmic Choreography

By Marsha Solomon "Cosmic Choreography." "Allegro." Marsha Solomon’s works “From Rhythm to Form” utilize jewel-like colors, the variation of opacity—from soft washes to thick strokes of impasto—and positive and negative spaces to create a dynamic image, born from nature, emotion and creative force. Solomon's work has been the subject of many solo exhibitions nationally and… Continue reading Cosmic Choreography

This Is Not A Flower

By Tendai Rinos Mwanaka Tendai Rinos Mwanaka is a Zimbabwean publisher, editor, mentor, thinker, literary artist, visual artist and musical artist with 23 individual books and 25 edited books, 1 music album and several songs, and tens of paintings and artworks curated, published, produced, exhibited and published in at least 35 countries worldwide.