Book of Windows

by Charles Kell

There were beads in the trees,
hair & water mixing
in a torn reflection.
New Orleans, drunk on hurricanes

& thinking of Li Po: The birds
are gone / and people are few!
Days were sweltering—
I watched for a long time

a rusty trumpet float
on Pontchartrain. Nights
were cooler. I laid in bed
until a spider crawled over my foot.

I wrote gray words on a door,
then painted them over
in gray. I was still in
my twenties. My sister, her thirties.

This all was yesterday. Poor art,
poor poem. I wanted to invent a line
that mimicked the movement of one person.
I sit on the levee. Rain is coming.
A photograph of trees and a fountain edited to have surreal, bright colors in the highlights.

Alices Garden

by Irene Levitt

Charles Kell is the author of Ishmael Mask, forthcoming from Autumn House Press in 2023. His first collection, Cage of Lit Glass, was chosen by Kimiko Hahn for the 2018 Autumn House Press Poetry Prize.

Irene Levitt has a B.A. in Art from California Lutheran University. She went to graduate school at California State University in Fullerton. The artist has managed to place her art in different galleries in the past. Her work has been placed in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

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