I, Charon

by Eitan Perlin

Content Warning Suicidal Ideation
I've been told many times by many people
I remind them of someone they knew
who killed themselves

it's odd to be a specter
a reflector of a long love lost
or a good friend gone

it doesn't sting nor am I complaining
merely stating the peculiarity of embodying a medium
ushering back memories of the dead over the Styx

my mannerisms and manuscripts
a certain dereliction in my essence indecipherable to me
or a twinkle in my eye seem to evoke an archetype

I've never asked how they did it
I wouldn't want to get ideas
or glimpse into my shadow

but the pattern persists in independence
strangers comment from warehouses
busting with misplaced love

again I bear no ill wish to them nor will they stop
I only hope no one ever meets a stranger in Elysium
and is wistfully reminded of me.
Charcoal drawing of two older, male faces looking at the viewer. They are attatched at the cheek.


by Donald L. Patten

Eitan Perlin studied mathematics and philosophy, but found a love for poetry in the pandemic. He works full time in a small consulting company in the DC area. He has been published in Klio, Prospectus, Wingless Dreamer, Just Femme and Dandy, Center for Creative Inquiry, and The Parliament Literary magazines.

Donald Patten is an artist from Belfast, Maine. He is currently a senior in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Maine. As an artist, he produces figure drawings and oil paintings. Artworks of his have been exhibited in galleries across the Midcoast region of Maine.

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