Heart Medicine

by Travis Stephens

Loose valves, a rocker
something out of whack
in my chest.
It rattles. Bangs.
Time for a tune up, god knows,
not a replacement,
maybe a little service.
Pluck it out.
Set it on the work bench.
Pressure wash it of memory,
of rust and greasy stuff.
Maybe a new coat of paint.
Change a gasket.
Don't lose any parts,
don't forget how the thing
is supposed to be wired.
Tell yourself:
almost good as new and
they don't make them like this

Torso Musculature Front View

by Donald L. Patten

Travis Stephens is a tugboat captain who resides with his family in California. Recent credits include: Dime Show Review, Good Life Review, Waxing and Waning, True Chili, The Stillwater Review, Drunk Monkeys, and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Visit him at: zolothstephenswriters.com

Donald Patten is an artist from Belfast, Maine. He is currently a senior in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Maine. As an artist, he produces figure drawings and oil paintings. Artworks of his have been exhibited in galleries across the Midcoast region of Maine.

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