Glass Cages

by Alexis Pearson

If not for my bare shoulder
unexpectedly caressing your cheek
stamping the beginning of a prolonged goodbye
into the raw breath
of strangers still
I would not know
how to turn walls into boats,
your hands a sea
with no bed
my feet dangling.

If learning to tread water
means first drowning
then let's make rain
from our sweat
your touch
grass's green

to when the wind would pull
on tree branches
and debris had
a place to land

as you slow down
the movement of your body
to the point of mimicking
a still unclear horizon

this morning
as if that were the plan
all along.

Prospective Inverse

by Delta N.A.

Alexis Pearson writes for those who look to ground themselves in the familiarity of emotion found in poetry. She tries to create an experience that is nearly tangible, something that is understood in the bones before the brain. She has been published in Upper Mississippi Harvest, Fourth and Sycamore, and Sonder Midwest. She lives in Minnesota where it’s cold most of the year – perfect writing weather. She enjoys a good cup of coffee and will read just about anything but has an affinity for writing that feels like jumping into the deep end.

Paired in art and life, Delta N.A. work simultaneously on each artwork with a shared language that reveals deep meanings and speaks directly to the heart. Timeless stories develop in each artwork, where figures and forms are placed in a subtle and ethereal space halfway between dream and reality and where the soft flow of emotions and intuitions collects the sense of a free and introspective existence.

Delta N.A. spent years travelling to discover the world and their identity, and this experience in foreign countries has deeply marked their technical development and their artistic expression that now combines poetry and strength in a constant search for harmony, portraying the infinite dream of a total and exhaustive well-being.

The artworks signed by the duo are present in numerous public and private collections and have been exhibited in solo and group shows across Europe, U.S.A. and Asia.

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