by Kenton K. Yee

Go ahead, whet your tongue
It's fragrant,

for noses. You like its lightness

too. It's infiltrating
your recipes.

Boiling, broiling,

them too. You can't imagine
root beer without it.

This is the way
the world ends,

not from zest nor sin
but spice complacency.
A line drawing of a white women lying hidden in flowers. The drawing is lightly colored in greens and pinks.


by Larissa Hauck

Kenton K. Yee writes from northern California. He recently placed poetry in The Threepenny Review, The Indianapolis Review, Plume Poetry, Pembroke Magazine, and Summerset Review, among others. Raised in San Francisco, Kenton attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory and worked in the Financial District for over a decade.

Larissa Monique Hauck is a queer visual artist who graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2014, where she received a BFA with Distinction. Her artwork has been featured in multiple regional and national group exhibitions as well as a growing number of international exhibitions. She has been selected for inclusion in events such as Nextfest 2018 (Edmonton, AB), Nuit Rose 2016 (Toronto, ON), and the 9th Annual New York City Poetry Festival 2019 (New York, US). Her drawings and paintings have also been featured in publications such as Creative Quarterly (US), Wotisart Magazine (UK), Minerva Rising (US), and various others.

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