A Spider in the Bookstore

by Clint King

A spider was spinning a web in Self-Help,
even after they sterilized the bookstore,
leaving hardly a reader's fingerprint
or dog ear folded down.

She took my breath away;
it was all the advice I ever needed
to see this glorious climber
lower and raise such a body over stacks of sob stories.

I wondered: what spine did she smuggle
herself in on, what chapters did she hide
out between, before she snuck out
to share this quiet corner with me?

Far from cashiers checking their faces on phones,
scrolling thumbs, as if life depended
upon everything but a book's whisper
or a gorgeous thread making its way in thin air.

I secretly hoped she'd lasso her way over to Literature
and make a peaceful home in the pages of Walden
or tend to her strings in the dusty corners of Poetry,
where hardly a soul visits, unless needing a verse for a wedding or a funeral.


by Shelbey Leco

Clint King, born in the Midwest, was selected as a finalist for the Emerging Writer Award by the Key West Literary Seminar and studied with Billy Collins at the Southampton Writers Conference. Clint lives in California, where he is at work on a collection of poems and a novel.

Growing up in Southeast Louisiana, outside of New Orleans, Shelbey was always inspired by nature. As a young adult, she studied at the University of New Orleans where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Urban Society with disciplines: education, english, and anthropology. She enjoys traveling, art, and exploring new places.

IG @Rainbowswampraven

Etsy: ShelbeyShells

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