Spring 2023

Ignatian Literary Magazine Issue 35.

A painting of a man standing looking in the mirror. He has antlers and a sad expression in his reflection.
Our Spring 2023 Masthead written in white and pink on a black background.

Note from the Editors

Dear reader,

This has been an eventful year for Ignatian. Volume 35, which we now present to you, marks a firm step into our new online tradition. As a team, we decided to move online while maintaining our print tradition in the form of a yearly compendium of our favorite works from both fall and spring.

For the first time in Ignatian’s history, our team has compiled relics from our magazine’s past to paint a picture of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. Please browse the detailed, annotated history page of this site to learn more about Ignatian’s 113-year-old story. 

We are immensely grateful to our dedicated team of readers, editors, designers, event planners, literary-social-media influencers (we can dream), and historians for being part of another great semester of Ignatian, and producing another issue that we are tremendously proud of. 


Ari Berk and Zoe Binder

Editors in Chief

Cover image art by Tomislav Silipetar

Tomislav Silipetar graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of Igor Rončević- Painting Department. In 2015 he becomes a member of HDLU. In addition to many group exhibitions, he had a number of solo exhibitions in Croatia as well as in the other countries. He is the winner of the rector’s award for excellence in 2013. The paintings are mostly made in acrylic, and the themes vary from solitude and isolation to the very existence of human existence in the society that condemns. It favors the simple colors, and the line that goes perfectly with the total preoccupation of getting out of the ‘boxes’ of academy.