Celebrating LGBT Identity

The best way to achieve justice is to share our stories, our ways, from our own mouths. This Pride, since many of us are isolated in environments that aren’t conducive to our healing, The Ignatian editors wanted to give space for LGBT+ individuals to share their stories in the hopes that, after reading them, we all feel a little less alone.

For Pete

Edward M. Cohen (he/him), contributor

“I don’t know where he is now. I don’t know what happened to him. But I am writing this as a love note to him. I hope he gets to read it. “

Read Edward’s love letter in full here


Anton Dudley (he/him), contributor

“I sometimes felt Elijah only wanted me when he realized how much he missed her. As if taking me would, in some way, bring her memory alive in his mind. I sense my mother in everything – her songs, her face, her laugh, her voice, her smell, her warmth. Elijah only sees her in me. I inherited her eyes; eyes that seem to have grown darker since her death.”

Read Anton’s story in full here

How the Boy Found his Voice

Kevin Burgess (he/him), contributor

“This is not a story about a monster that beat the sissy out of the boy or how he and his mother escaped the terrors of the monster. It’s a story of how the boy found his voice after a lifetime of silence.”

Read Kevin’s story in full here

Tomboy, Bakla, Transgender, Bisexual: A Short Memoir on Being Filipino, Bisexual, and Nonbinary

Eli Ramos, (they/them), contributor

“The sign for transgender is about becoming more beautiful and more yourself,” I said, signing ASL for transgender.

“Isn’t that unnatural?” My cousin interrupted. I felt the pit grow in my stomach.

“Why would it be? Is being yourself unnatural?”

“Well, it’s like…bakla.” She rolled her eyes. “Or tomboy. You can dress up, but you will never be the other thing. It’s playing pretend.”

Read Eli’s memoir in full here

En Flux

Kiera C. Lewis (she/her), contributor

“What if they hate me? What if they think I’m a freak?” The trembling of Rachel’s came through Claire’s car speaker. She placed a hand around her phone, as though she was there with her spouse-to-be, “Babe, you’ve come this far, what’s a few more steps?”


Raymond Luczak (he/him), contributor

One | The other day

Day | I unexpectedly recalled him,

Happen | wondering, but

Wonder | there he was:

Him | a spirit

Float-approach | floating toward

Me | me.

Smoke in the Rain

Liz DeGregorio (she/her), contributor

“I wanted to impress you,

I wanted you to realize

I was the girl for you.”

Some Stonewalled Prose

Drea M. Strayly (she/her), contributor

“I knew, somehow, that I was ​one of them/part of it ​before that. I knew my parents and most adults around me were one thing. That my Atari loving, pageboy wearing, peer grouped cousin was another. ​one of them. or part of it​. and I was…somewhere. in the middle. Somehow.”

Little do You Know

Shambavi Pradhan (she/her), contributor

“Little do you know that I am right here,

Struggling to survive,

Being pushed down,

Slowly drowning alive.”

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