Fall 2022

Note from the Editors

Dear reader,

Ignatian Volume 34.5 is the first-ever online edition of the magazine. The works of visual art, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction we published this winter will exist in this space as stand-alone pieces.

This edition also marks a shift from annual to biannual publishing for Ignatian, helping us showcase more of the hundreds of submissions we receive every year, including from USF’s own writers and artists. It is the culmination of multiple semesters spent considering how to expand upon Ignatian’s 111-year tradition for the 2020s and beyond. 

While the works in this edition of Ignatian do not follow a designated theme, our editors paid attention to originality in both content and form during the selection process. We have gathered a group of eclectic, individual art that we are proud to share with you. 

-Ari Berk and Zoe Binder, editors in chief

Find more art from this issue here!

Cover image art by Delta N.A.

Delta N.A., paired in art and life, work simultaneously on each artwork with a shared language that reveals deep meanings and speaks directly to the heart. Timeless stories develop in each artwork, where figures and forms are placed in a subtle and ethereal space halfway between dream and reality and where the soft flow of emotions and intuitions creates a sense of a free and introspective existence. Delta N.A. spent years traveling to discover the world and their identity, and this experience has deeply marked their technical development and their artistic expression. The artworks signed by the duo are present in numerous public and private collections and have been exhibited in solo and group shows across Europe, U.S.A., and Asia.