For over a century, the literary magazine at Saint Ignatius College (through 1930) and University of San Francisco (1930 – present) has taken on a number of forms and titles. Appearing predominantly as an annual and stand-alone print collection, the many volumes of this publication’s dynamic and fascinating history have yielded not only a range of creative works, contributors, and communities but also a striking variety of opinions across the political continuum. Even as one finds divergent iterations of this magazine, what becomes evident throughout these many decades is the unwavering commitment and testament to the importance of original verbal and visual art, artists, and artistry at USF. Since its inception, Ignatian has committed itself to offering an array of genres, including diverse fictional prose, verse forms, and creative and critical essays, that have nourished, and continue to sustain, our community across the ages.

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With the help of USF’s Special Collections & University Archives department, the history of Ignatian was thoroughly researched and carefully compiled by the Historian Committee of Spring 2023. Its members included Jacob Bloom (English Major ’23), Mallory Shafer (English and History Major ’24), Audrey Walker (English Major ’24), and Dr. Omar F. Miranda (English Department Faculty Advisor).